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Artisha “Tee” Bolding is a minister and certified life coach known as the Mindset Midwife. Through her coaching, she motivates women and entrepreneurs to birth their business, book, or brand. Artisha has spent the last decade providing relationships and spiritual advice to friends, clients, and groups of teenagers. Her programs ensure individuals are no longer stuck in life but thriving in success that's aligned with their purpose and passion.


Since her early days at Howard University, positively impacting people has been a serious passion for this visionary. From charter schools to City Hall and even a dusty construction site, Artisha has experienced a lot and has touched many lives. In fact, she founded her company T Bold Media Group after hitting rock bottom and pushing past crises in her marriage and health. 

She knows God will do great things because we expect Him to. 


When this loving wife and fur mom is not saving the world and missing DC ever so terribly, you can find her kicking the truth and cracking jokes on Instagram (@artishabolding).


Keep an eye out for Artisha’s next project — it just might be

your new favorite book!

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Motivating YOU to Birth your Business, Book, or Brand

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When her health and her marriage took a turn for the worse Artisha was in a fight for her life. In this case, near-death gave birth to a new existence.

The Patient Is Wearing Lipstick chronicles Artisha’s journey from ICU to rising influencer.

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