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Artisha “Tee” Bolding is a minister and certified life coach known as the Mindset Midwife. Through her coaching, she motivates women and entrepreneurs to birth their business, book, or brand. Artisha has spent the last decade providing relationships and spiritual advice to friends, clients, and groups of teenagers. Her programs ensure individuals are no longer stuck in life but thriving in success that's aligned with their purpose and passion.


Since her early days at Howard University, positively impacting people has been a serious passion for this visionary. From charter schools to City Hall and even a dusty construction site, Artisha has experienced a lot and has touched many lives. In fact, she founded her company T Bold Media Group after hitting rock bottom and pushing past crises in her marriage and health. 

She knows God will do great things because we expect Him to. 


When this loving wife and fur mom is not saving the world and missing DC ever so terribly, you can find her kicking the truth and cracking jokes on Instagram (@artishabolding).


Keep an eye out for Artisha’s next project — it just might be your new favorite book!


Here are just some of the benefits of coaching with Coach Tee


You step into a Knowing. I give you permission to be your 100% authentic self. We speak confidentially about your hopes, dreams, and fears. 


You step into a Growing. I look at what excites you and what you are committed to. Together we explore what's a match for you and what's keeping you stuck. 


You step into a Glowing. I guide you along your purpose discovery journey. Once we tap into your unique assignment and gifts, you easily flow in your genius zone and begin to feel real joy and fulfillment every day. 

Flower Arrangement 1
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I am Artisha "Tee" Bolding Mindset Midwife. Through coaching and support, I motivate entrepreneurs to birth their business, book, or brand! I ensure they are no longer stuck in life but thriving in the success that's aligned with their passion and purpose! 

My Services

Working from Home

30-Minute Clarity Session

30-Minute Clarity Sessions are set up to declutter your mind in one key area of your choice. We work through how to reframe the story you tell yourself and clear the blockage.


1-Hour Clarity Session

1-Hour Clarity Sessions are designed specifically for you if you are unclear about your Passion and Purpose. Declutter your mind and uncover new thoughts on becoming the best version of you. 

• Start to Understand Your Purpose and unique gifts
• Get FREE Clarity Power Boosters

Working from Home

6-Week Program

6 sessions, once per week, beginning with a BOLD Assessment. Followed by clearing your path to Purpose.
Recommended for career changers and side-hustlers.

A Young Man Writing

12- Week Program

12 sessions, once per week, beginning with a BOLD Assessment. Followed by mental and spiritual de-cluttering along with professional development.
Recommended for entrepreneurs and authors.

Young Businesswoman

Bold Purpose Pack

The Bold Purpose Pack is a perfect jumpstart to a new journey. Identify your gifts and weaknesses and get tools to build a plan for the future. Each pack includes:

• 45-minute session 1-on-1 with Coach Tee
• Full strength finder write-up
• I2P Power Boosters Checklist

Support Group

Coaching Programs

Coaching Program Modules are comprised of weekly sessions that last between 50-70 minutes. Each program begins with a BOLD Assessment consisting of a range of questions that get to the heart of who you are. The first two sessions are centered around identifying goals and growth areas. ln the following weeks we focus on mindset shifting, future planning and time/schedule management.


Client Booster Pack

Current clients can enjoy a 3-Session Booster up to twice per calendar year as a check-in and maintenance of the achievements during their program. This bundle is offered at a discounted rate. **Boosters must be scheduled no less than 90 days from the last session.

Classmates in Library

Bold Access Mastermind

The Bold Access Mastermind (BAM) is a group coaching module only offered 3 times per year. It includes a BOLD Assessment, two Group Sessions, and two 1-on-1 sessions. This module is designed to inspire creativity and clarity through group exploration activities and robust conversation. 

Coaching With Me

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Flower Arrangement 1
Flower Arrangement 1



"I love working with Tee as my coach! I’ve known Tee for almost 2 years now and have listened to her Chosen Chick podcast during this time. She mentioned that she was a life coach and I quickly jumped on hiring her as my coach as I was struggling in some areas. To get life coaching with someone as spiritual as Tee, it doesn’t get any better that that! We’ve been coaching for around 6 months now and my life has changed across the board. My main goal was to get closer to God and Tee has taught me just how to do that. I have a stronger and more intimate relationship with God now and that makes me more confident in this world. My second goal was to lose weight and I’ve lost approximately 30 pounds since I’ve started with Tee. She has kept me on track and laser focused towards my goal. My third goal was money and how to treat it properly and I have been able to save a great amount of money during our time together."

Sara Rembert Lundy

"I will forever remain grateful for the coaching I receive from Artisha Bolding! This young lady has been a Godsend in my life. At the time that I was led to her to receive coaching, I was in a stagnant place. There was so much I wanted to accomplish, but I was completely stalled. She used a method that included intuitive questioning, assessments, and questionnaires that was inoffensive and unobtrusive, yet personal enough that I could not dodge the truth. Her technique required me to put words to my behaviors and thoughts. Once my own verbal or written responses were before me, I was given the opportunity to assess and address my thoughts and behaviors."

Marcey Bush

"Artisha is my Coach and confidant. I have told her things that no one else knows. I feel different after each of our sessions, it's exciting. She has helped me expand my thinking and my business. She allows me to just be me and work through my challenges so that my business can flourish. I am so thankful for her in my life."


Juanita Grant

"What a Spirit-filled time to learn and connect. Thank you Artisha."

Norma Lee

"This is blessing my soul! I can't explain how this is helping me already."

Vivian Jones

"Phenomenal. Real Talk. I'm feeling so inspired and ready to conquer."

Destiny Aja

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