Conquering Great Things with Power Passion and Purpose is my business and life motto. It's what drives my vision to get real results for the women and entrepreneurs that I work with. 


The reason that Clarity Sessions with me are so powerful is because you get real breakthroughs and tools to help you maintain growth in your renewed mindset. That's why I am the Mindset Midwife 


So what does that actually look like?


Here are just some of the benefits to coaching with me. 


  •  Power- You step into a Knowing. I give you permission to be your 100% authentic self. We speak confidentially about your hopes, dreams, and fears. 


  •  Passion- You step into a Growing. I look at what excites you and what you are committed to. Together we explore what's a match for you and what's keeping you stuck. 

  •  Purpose- You step into a Glowing. I guide you along your purpose discovery journey. Once we tap into your unique assignment and gifts, you easily flow in your genius zone and begin to feel real joy and fulfillment every day. 



I am Artisha "Tee" Bolding Mindset Midwife. Through coaching and support I motivate entrepreneurs to birth their business, book or brand! I ensure they are no longer stuck in life but thriving in success that's aligned with their passion and purpose! 


Clarity Sessions

30 minute Clarity Sessions are set up to declutter your mind in one key area of your choice. We work through how to reframe the story you tell yourself and clear the blockage.

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